We extend our loving greetings on behalf of the orphan children and society members of Dazzling stone orphanage. The Dazzling Stone Orphanage was established in 1994 with five children and one staff. In the last eleven years, we have grown to 100 children,one baby, two old persons and twenty six staff. The children up to 5th grade attend Dazzling stone school and the older children study in outside schools .The children are served three healthy meals and evening snacks everyday. We take care of our children to the best of our energy and effort. We lack permanent support and run fully based on the faith upon God , He will lead us.
The first eight years we did not have any building of our own, we were residing in an open veranda ( front court yard of an building ). and this open veranda was covered with blankets on the sides as walls, there were no space to keep our things meant for the children, there were no toilets and bathrooms,the food for the children were prepared in the open kitchen with insufficient vessels, during rainy season the water used to stand till waist high and the children could not go to school also, moreover it was difficult to prepare the meals for the children, there were few staff to look after the children. since we were not able to raise enough money, it was difficult for us to provide good food for the children for
the children to sleep in there were no proper mats,bed sheets or pillows. As the time passed by we bought a small piece of land. and on this land earnings we started constructing the building. Volunteers from Local & foreign  countries, Indiaction  students ,Scout teams,  well wishers and ourselves will continue the construction works. And some construction works (90% works finished)are not yet finished,the construction is going step by step.  
we are running the school from kinder garden till 5th grade with the help of Mother.Mary from Belgium. The teaching of the volunteers are very usefully for the children. Previously the children could not speak even a single word in English and they used to run away from the volunteers but now they speak very freely with the volunteers and are communicating well with the volunteers in English. The children now feel that volunteers, helpers are part of their family. Some local people come with their families to our orphanage and celebrate their birthdays, wedding days, special days, festivals with our children. They celebrate it by donating one time or one day Meals ,sweets,rice,cloths,medicines, etc.,  
Now the orphanage has grown to 100 children. 5 children got married. Some children families got better off and have taken back their children. So in this eleven years we have been able to care for over 350 children with help of God. We thank with tears to all the good hearted souls who help us . we thank you very much for the continued help you are doing for our children and we believe that this will continue for ever. The presence of Almighty God will be with you always.  

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