About Us

Cordial greetings and warm wishes are accorded to you and your family on behalf of the orphan children, staff and management of Dazzling stone home for children in the name of Almighty God.

We extend our loving greetings on behalf of the orphan children and society members of Dazzling stone orphanage. The Dazzling Stone Orphanage was established in 1994 with five children and one staff. With our hard working for these children we are able to take care of these orphanage children many years has been passed but still we are having many problems (why we are having problems) many year is passed away still we are not collecting money from the children’s family all the children’s are studying for free only.

To give free education and free accommodation free dress free food giving everything is free for the poor children is cannot be imagine but still by God’s grace we are running this orphanage successfully.

We have grown to 100 children. We are running a school it’s called dazzling stone nursery and primary school recognized by government. We are not collecting fee from our school students we are giving free education. Now a day’s education, food items, dresses, staff salary, electric bill, maintenance are very much expensive in his world.

We need help to take care of our orphan and poor children’s. Small children up to 5th grade they are educated in Dazzling stone nursery and primary school and the older children 6 grade to 12 grade they study in other schools they go in the morning and came back in evening. We are serving healthy meals to our children three times a day and in the evening snacks every day. We take care of our children to the best of our energy and effort. We need permanent support for our orphanage children and this whole organization is run fully based on the faith upon God, He will lead us and He is leading us.

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