For the first eight years we did not have any building of our own, we were residing in an open veranda ( front court yard of an building ). And this open veranda was covered with blankets on the sides as walls, there were no space to keep our things meant for the children, there were no toilets and bathrooms,the food for the children were prepared in the open kitchen , during rainy season the water used to stand till waist high and the children could not go to school also, moreover it was difficult to prepare the meals for the children. There were few staff to look after the children. Then G. V. teams started coming. and they cleaned an very ruined building ( we rented one building near the old place ). Plus they made toilet facilities, water facilities,electricity etc,. for the children in this building.

Before G.V. one of our friend Dameion (INSA student) came here and send his Professor. Her heart was kind and nice, and offered help to send her students every year to help us. As the time passed by we bought a small piece of land. And on this land with the help of G. V and INSA(indication) Students,scouts,well wishers plus with my own earnings we started constructing the building, educational hall. Now with the help of one of the former Volunteer, Father Warren Lowe we have constructed the dining hall. And many types of construction works are not yet finished,the construction is going step by step.

On behalf of our orphan children, we humbly appeal to the generous and kind hearted people to extend their hands by giving donations are any other materials needed for the building construction. We are looking for financial assistance for construction God is with us

Our Construction Works


  Total area - (70x70) +( 70 x 70) + (10 x 10) = 10,000 square feet's.
We plan to put tiles on the floors , it will be cost IRS 40/- to IRS 50/- per square feet .
Split the works: One Room = 300 square feet.
  Room for staff
  Total area - 20 x 15 = 300 square feet's. It will be cost IRS 900/-per square feet.
  Dining Hall for Eating and playing:
  Total area – 70 x 20 = 1400 square feet's. It will be cost IRS 850/- per square feet.
Electrical works
  One Room : (15 x 10 feet's.) 2 fan,2 tube lights, 2 bulbs,10 points.,wires,pipes etc. it will be cost – IRS -6000/-    
  One Room = 150 square feet It will be cost IRS 15/-per square feet.
  Construction cupboards
  Need - 150 cupboards. One cupboard - 1.5 x 2 x 1.5 feet's. It will be cost IRS 550/-
  Construction visiting hall
  Size - 450 square feet ( 30 x 15 ) It will be cost IRS 900/- per square feet
  Construction security Room
  Size - 100 square feet(10 x 10) It will be cost IRS 900/- per square feet.
  Repairing works Needs
  1. Doors – 20 numbers (each IRS 7000/-)
2. Windows-20 numbers(each IRS 5000/-)
3. Cement bags- 100 bags (eachIRS 310/-)
4. Sand - 12 units (IRS 5000/-per unit)
5. Bricks - 2 loads ( IRS 15,000/-per load) metal- 6 units (IRS 3200/-per unit)
7. ALOBLOCK BRICKS - 3000 Noes- per brick- IRS 20/-
8. Iron Rods - 500 Kg - per Kg IRS 42/-
8. Labour - 30 days (per day IRS3000/-)(6 persons)
9. Grill gates – 3 no’s (each IRS6000/-)
  Common Electrical items
  1. Generator, 2. water cooler, 3. Refrigerator, 4. Freezer, 5. Electrical Water Motor-2 numbers. 6. Grinder, 7. mixer 8. Washing Machine, 9. Television, 10. DVD player, 11. Amplifier 12. Mike(microphone), 13. Speakers 14. Tape recorder, 15. Inverter, 16. Compound wall.

God is with us and we pray that he be with you too.

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