Storage boxes, bed sheets, tables, stools, benches, desks, chairs, cupboards, children's clothes, medicines, school bags, notebooks, text books, wooden blackboard, single line paper, blue ink pens or micro tip pens, face powder, shampoo, anti- bacterial soap, bangles/hairclips/ear rings, rain coats, lunch boxes, umbrellas, calculators, watches, ball caps, belts, shoes, slippers, airbags, water, bags, picnic bags, stay free.
Computer, printer, scanner, television, music system, VCD, microphone and amplifier, musical instruments (guitar, keyboard, drums, etc), dance dress, generator, emergency lights, solar system for electricity, water, fuel, etc), large tricycle for transport, auto rickshaw, van, bus, bicycles, aluminum ladders, sports materials, video games, bricks, cement, iron rods, sands, stones, labor, doors, windows, wood, tiles, paints, well, water motor, land, internet connection, digital camera, cd's, floppy disks, CD writer, fans, lights, septic tank, water tank, video camera, pipes, taps, tools, projector, bunk, beds, large washing machine, water heater, sewing machine, bull and a cart, cordless phone, cell phone, phone connection, garden seeds, bunk beds, mirror.
Charts, maps, globes, books, pens, fans, lights, music system, glasses, flask, steel drum for water, chairs, calculators, tables, painting and drawing materials, temporary stage, sports items, medical kits.


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